New Japan Technology:
Polyolefin Elastic Adhesive 3 in 1

  ✓ permanent Bonding/ Sealing/ Caulking
  ✓ without Primer
  ✓ between Similar & Dissimilar Materials.

CaulkingFlex® Polyolefin Elastic Adhesive Benefits
  ✓ Primerless (*) adhesion on the majority of substrates
  ✓ Excellent adhesion on wet surfaces
  ✓ No hazard symbols
     ⇒ odourless, Toxic Free
  ✓ Not Dangerous Material Category, No problem for Air/Sea/Land Transportation.
  ✓ Permanently flexible between -40ºC (-40ºF) and +80ºC (176ºF)
  ✓ Does not swell
     ⇒ No shrinkage after dry
  ✓ No bubble formation after dry
  ✓ No dent and cracking after dry
  ✓ Sound and vibration absorbing properties
  ✓ Absorbing properties of Expand and Contract between Similar and Dissimilar Materials
  ✓ Excellent weather resistance
     ⇒ Very good colour stability and UV resistance
  ✓ Over-paintable with water and solvent-based paints (preliminary tests are recommended)
  ✓ No sag
     ⇒ Exceptional thixotropic effect on the Vertical surface
  ✓ Neutral behaviour
     ⇒ does not harm support surfaces,
     ⇒ Resistance to Most Acids, Sea Water and Cleaning agents
  ✓ No smell after dry
  ✓ Free of Solvent, PU (isocyanates), Silicon, Bitumen & Other Toxic Components
  ✓ Can be Well Sanding after dry
  ✓ 3 in 1 Product (Bonding/Sealing/Caulking)
     ⇒ Reduce stocking Cost.
  ✓ Bonding/Sealing/Caulking between similar and Dissimilar Materials
  ✓ Ex) Wood to Wood,
  ✓ Wood to Concrete, etc…
  ✓ Min 2 Years Shelf Life
  ✓ Colors: Black & White

  ✓ Food contact friendly
  ✓ RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant
  ✓ IMO Compatible Standard

 (*) Adhesion on the Polymer Plastic and Gelcoated Composite Surfaces:
  • Polyethylene & Polypropylene Plastics : Can adhere permanently with our special Solvent base adhesion paint without Heat-Flame-Corona treatments
  • PVC Plastics: Can adhere permanently with our special Water base paint primer without Melting and damage the surface like Solvent base primer, For Example: PVC Synthetic Teak Decking
FiberGlass-FRP-GRP Glossy Gel Coated Composite surfaces: Can adhere permanently with our Special Solvent base adhesion paint without Sanding and damage the Gelcoated surfaces.